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Make $10,000 - $100,000+ a month partnering with me on
Employee Retention Credits

(And I'll do most of the work for you - just follow my cut and paste formula)...

Disclaimer: There is absolutely zero cost to work with us, we will never try to sell you or anyone you refer anything, ever.

What Happens Next?

3 Steps Take To Make Our Partnership Successful

1. Review and Sign your Referral Partner agreement.

Our Team will send you our Referral Partner agreement and should have emailed you to schedule an onboarding call to get you up to speed and up answer any questions.


If you don't see the email in your inbox, check in your spam folder. 

2. Review the Material

Our team provides you with all the marketing materials and resources you need to understand this program. Make sure you understand it, if you don't fully grasp something, please call us so we can help you.

3. Start submitting deals!

You can start submitting deals immediately, and my team and I will begin working to book and close your deals for you. Use this once in a lifetime opportunity to have an entire salesforce at your service!

The referral form is the most important part of this process. It will allow me and my team to manage your entire business every step of the way. This form also creates a record for you and will update you if you will it out properly.

If you cannot find your form, CLICK HERE to use this CLIENT REFERRAL FORM.

***Put your info at the top, clients at the bottom.***

This is a numbers game, the more referral forms you submit, the more deals we will sign for you.

I am here to support you and give you everything you need to be successful, please feel free to set up time with me to discuss more strategies.

- Joe Bosco

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